Ingredients Worthy of Celebration


At Chipotle, we believe that responsibly raised ingredients just taste better. We also believe that pasture-raised dairy cows make better milk, which results in more delicious cheese and sour cream. Pigs raised on pasture or in deeply bedded barns and fresh veggies grown in healthy soil are far superior, so we prepare, cook, and treat them as such. In fact, the ingredients at Chipotle are so delicious and so noble that they demanded a festival in their honor. So we obliged. Join us for a glorious day of pampering, preparing, and entertaining our royal ingredients. It promises to be a mouthwatering soiree.


See how we pamper and entertain the royal ingredients that reign.

Every word that they utter is our command,
So we’ve spread their portraits throughout the land.

Building their world was no simple task,
Doing so by hand was obviously what they'd ask.