Lining Up

This is where the magic happens. Each ingredient is laid out in front of you so you can choose the perfect combination to make your perfect meal. You can watch the process as your burrito, bowl, tacos, or salad is prepared exactly the way you want it and handed to you almost instantly.


The sounds, the smells, and the sights of cooking can really help you work up an appetite. Unfortunately in a lot of restaurants the “cooking” they do is more like putting together a science experiment. To that end, each Chipotle is designed with a kitchen that’s open to the entire restaurant.

Getting a taste of the sleek new interior of our Chelsea (NYC) Chipotle
The line is buzzing at lunchtime in Alameda, CA
A break from a gray New York City day at Chipotle in Chelsea
Form follows function at our Chelsea restaurant
Giant burrito!
Creative fixtures to light up a burrito bowl
Serving line at our first London (UK) restaurant
Looking toward the serving line in Chelsea
Dining room in Chelsea
A new perspective in Chelsea
Passionate ramblings on our walls in London