See How Burritos Can Also Make a Difference in Our Communities
See How Burritos Can Also Make a Difference in Our Communities

We try to do more than just roll burritos—from local fundraisers at our restaurants across the country, to our Chipotle Cultivate Foundation's philanthropy projects, to national partnerships, we're committed to giving back to the communities we serve. Let's take a look.


We give back in a few different ways, including making food and FREE burrito card donations as well as hosting in-restaurant fundraisers for our community partners. Fundraisers have always had a special place in our hearts, and we donate 50% of all proceeds back to the community. In fact, in 2015, we held 18,360 of them.

If you'd like to set up a fundraiser for your organization, let's get in touch.

who do we help?

In 2015, we donated more than $9.3 million to our communities. 
-	K-12 schools + university groups 
-	Youth community groups 
-	18,360 fundraisers since 2015
-	food & sustainable agriculture groups 
-	community gardens


As you know, we believe in a sustainable food future. Our Chipotle Cultivate Foundation has given more than $3 million to organizations that believe in the same things we do: providing resources and promoting good stewardship to farmers; promoting better livestock husbandry; encouraging regenerative agriculture practices; and fostering food literacy, cooking education, and nutritious eating. Here are just a few of them:

the organizations we help, by the numbers

food corps

since the beginning our partnership in 2015, our grant has helped americorps service members teach kids in new York city about where their food comes from.

771 lessons since 2015
20 schools since 2015

the ecology center

in 2014, we helped the center launch Grow Your Own! To help k-12 teachers, administrators and parents create a school garden curriculum that teachers kids how to establish healthy eating habits.

30,000 students yearly since 2014

we’ve also helped fund the center’s food lab — an interactive food experience where kids learn how to make choices that lead to a healthy meal.

The food lab 

20,000 visitors since 2015 

we’ve even built learning gardens. These outdoor classrooms enable kids to form a connection with real food so they can learn the value of eating healthy at a young age.

Through fundind the international rescue committee’s new roots program, we’re helped refugees from agrarian backgrounds apply their valuable skills in the US.

-	63 new roots farmers since 2012
-	260 youths since 2012

The youth food justice academy — another program we’ve helped the IRC create — is a program that allows refugee youths in five US cities to learn about nutrition and healthy food, as well as transferrable job skills.