Chipotle Loyalty 2.0
Qualitative Research T&C



Chipotle is collecting input from customers in advance of rolling out potential changes to the current Chipotle Rewards program. Chipotle has hired an independent marketing consulting and research agency - GALE Partners LLC (“GALE”) - to lead this process on Chipotle’s behalf.

GALE ( is conducting research on behalf of Chipotle and protects your privacy. You can review GALE’s Privacy Policy here. (

By signing up for this research, you are agreeing that GALE – on Chipotle’s behalf – may:

·      Contact you at an email address you provide to them for the specific purpose of coordinating the research process with you

·      Record the feedback you provide, for the purposes of generating an insights report to help Chipotle inform decision making about Chipotle Rewards program changes

·      Connect your feedback to data recorded in your Chipotle Rewards profile or your customer profile, in order to generate more deeply segmented insights for Chipotle, without needing to consume more of your time on questions about your transactions and preferences.

·      Note: Specific points of feedback will not be attributed to individual customers.

Respondents are free to choose whether or not to participate in this research and free to discontinue participation at any time.

GALE will not use your email for any purpose other than to help you participate in this research project or to notify you if space is unavailable; Chipotle will only use your e-mail address as provided in Chipotle’s Privacy Policy (available at

Space is limited to 200 qualified respondents in the scheduled discussion.

If you are among the first 600 to qualify, you will be contacted by a research moderator from GALE Partners with further information about participating in the online discussion. You can expect to receive this email within 3 business days of completing the signup questionnaire.  GALE will provide information for participating to extra qualified participants in case of no-shows. To ensure you are admitted to the board and qualify to receive the $45 prepaid gift card, you are encouraged to sign in promptly when the board is scheduled to begin or slightly before.

Only participants who attend the full 60-minute discussion and answer all questions will be awarded the incentive of a $45 prepaid gift card. Prepaid gift cards will be delivered electronically by email within 5 business days of completion of the discussion.