Melty, cheesy goodness has a name. (It’s Genuine Queso.)

We heard you the first 500 times. You wanted queso. But we refused to roll it out until we cracked the code on making it with only real ingredients. Well, guess what? We’ve finally done it. Our Genuine Queso is not only drizzling in a Chipotle near you, it's also preservative* free, without added colors or flavors, and made with all-real, all-delicious ingredients. Boom.



Real ingredients. Real delicious.

Unlike typical quesos, ours doesn't contain industrial additives like gums and artificial stabilizers (stabi‑what now?). Starting with a base of real melted cheese, its rich, complex flavor comes from a combination of simple ingredients you're likely to recognize, and that we're proud to display below.

Because, well, just look at them.

    (*except for lemon and lime juice, which can be used as a preservative though we only use it for taste.)