Blast off on an epic quest to fight processed foods


RAD Lands! Respect. Appreciate. Defend. Developed in partnership with the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba! comes a fun limited series that explores and celebrates the world of food.

Join in for exciting adventures with The Cultivators, an elite team of intergalactic kids protecting the galaxy’s plants and animals. Along the way, rock out with spectacular musical guests, amazing chefs, and discover all kinds of stuff about food, where it comes from, and fun ways to prepare it.

Our Mission

So, you may be wondering why Chipotle made RAD Lands—an unbranded, limited series with no company logos and no hidden burritos, just entertaining and interesting content around food.

Our mission at Chipotle is to ensure that better food is accessible to everyone. That mission isn’t just about the food we serve in our restaurants, but all food. We’ve come to understand that the more people know about where food comes from and how to prepare it, the more likely they’ll seek out better food—better sourced, better prepared, and we’d argue, more delicious.

RAD Lands is a way that we can deliver that message in an engaging and entertaining way for young eaters and their parents, so that we can collectively move towards a more positive food future.



Chipotle is partnering with Discovery Education for RAD Lands In School—a program for elementary students that pairs RAD Lands episodes with lesson plans and activities that have been developed by Discovery Education’s award winning curriculum team.

The program will incorporate the music, animation, and live-action segments from RAD Lands to teach students key health and science content, including the benefits of eating fresh food, the importance of caring for our environment, and how to create healthy and tasty snacks.

Plus, Discovery Education will host an original, nation-wide virtual field trip this Fall for students and teachers that will combine food literacy experts and the RAD Lands content for a real-time learning experience. For more information, just go to

Bite-Sized Adventures


Animated adventures, educational segments, cooking demos, kid focused spotlights, and much more. Each RAD Lands episode is made up of seven short segments in 22-min. episodes created for kids (6-10 years old) and their parents alike.

Animated Action with a Good Cause

The Cultivators are a small rebel squad devoted to protecting the universe from an evil nemesis who wants to turn all the galaxy’s crops into processed junk.

Inspiring Dance Breaks For All Ages

Fresh Songs feature musical performances from some of today’s hottest acts like Neon Trees, Portugal. The Man, Wayne Coyne, Biz Markie, and more.

Real-Life Cooking Demos for Kids

Coached by celebrity chefs Amanda Freitag, Duff Goldman, and Michael Voltaggio, kids get to learn how to make easy, delicious eats.

Getting creative in the kitchen

Snack Challenge is a competition hosted by YouTube stars Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams where kids create snacks using odds and ends in their pantry.

Showcasing Hands-On Farmers

Kid Cultivate is a documentary look at kids growing, planting, and enjoying food they helped grow.

Illustrating the path our food takes

Deep Taste takes kids on a reverse ride to see how their food makes it from the farm to their table.

Science made fun

From photosynthesis to taste buds, Super Mind communicates difficult to explain food related concepts in easy-to-understand, animated storytelling.


Partners for healthy school lunches

Chipotle is proud to partner with the Chef Ann Foundation to help bring fresh, made-from-scratch school lunches to kids. As part of the RAD Lands launch, Chipotle will be making a $100,000 donation to the Chef Ann Foundation to help further their efforts.

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