Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The recipe for a more sustainable planet
The recipe for a more sustainable planet

At Chipotle, our philosophy regarding recycling is pretty simple—we dig it, and we want to do it as much as possible. But more specifically:

  • We're continuously working to ensure that we're recycling everywhere we can.
  • We encourage our teams, customers, and even our landlords, suppliers, and vendors to recycle as much as possible.
  • We'll continue to push for the responsible disposal of waste both in our restaurants and throughout our value chain.
We've talked about how we reduce and reuse our waste, now take a look at how we recycle.

Recycling by the numbers


In 2015, we recycled more than 446,000 cubic yards of material 

Which is more than 136 olympic-sized swimming pools

In 2014, we increased our diversion rate by 10%

Currently, about 30% of all our waste is recycled. That green bit to the left? That represents the 1% of our waste that’s currently being diverted to compost. We are working on improving that, but that’s a story for another infographic.

About 80% of our restaurants are currently recycling.

Why aren’t 100% of our sites recycling everything they can?

Landlords manage our waste at about half of our stores. While we work with each of them to persuade them to offer recycling, in some cases they do not.

In order to have a recycling program at our restaurants, we need room for two dumpsters in the enclosure: one for landfill trash and one for recycling. Sometimes we only have room for one. This is a major bummer, and we’re working on retrofitting those enclosures to have more space.

Our goal is to divert over 50% of our waste from the landfill by 2020.