Rewards FAQ


I’m excited about Chipotle Rewards! Why can’t I participate yet? 

We’re excited you’re excited—and we want to make sure we get this whole Rewards thing right. We’re currently testing the program in limited markets (Columbus, Kansas City, and Phoenix), but if you sign up for our emails or texts, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready for you. 


Okay, so how does Chipotle Rewards work? 

Once you’re enrolled, eating Chipotle earns you points (you’ll get them automatically if you order through your app or online account, or you can use your phone to scan your swanky Digital Member Code at the register). You’ll earn 10 points per dollar on most purchases, and once you’ve got 1250, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE entree. Special Bonuses help you earn points and get rewarded even faster. 


Do I have to have a smartphone to participate?

Kinda yes, kinda no. We’ve found the Rewards experience works best on our mobile app. You can still earn rewards by placing online orders, but to get points in our restaurants you’ll need to scan your Digital Member Code from a mobile device. 


How do I earn FREE Chips & Guac for signing up?

Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is place your first order. You can do that in our app, online, or in the restaurant, but if you’re going the in-person route, be sure to bring your phone and scan your Digital Member Code before checking out. Once the order registers in your account (this may take 24-48 hours), we’ll send a FREE Chips & Guac reward straight to your Rewards wallet. Super casual. 


When do I start getting rewards? 

You’ll get your first FREE entree reward after you earn 1250 points. You’ll start earning those points as soon as you make your first purchase as a member. Cha-ching. 


I’m into it. How do I sign up for the program?

We recommend downloading the Chipotle app for the best Rewards experience, but you can also join online by creating or updating your account here. Be sure to use your Kansas City, Columbus, or Phoenix zip code. 


Let’s talk redemption. How do I use a reward I’ve earned? 

If you’re ordering ahead, you can apply a reward directly from your My Rewards wallet. If you’re redeeming in-restaurant, pull up the reward code in your app, then scan it before you pay. Ta da! Your reward will be deducted from your total, and any points you’re earning on the remaining balance will be tallied, too—no extra scanning needed. 


Can I choose when to redeem my rewards?

Sure can. Just be sure to use them before they expire.


Where can I redeem my rewards?

Almost anywhere—all locations in the US or Canada should be able to take them. As for other international locations, they’re not in the rewards system yet, but stay tuned. 


Can I earn points anywhere? 

You can earn anywhere in the US, for now. Just make sure to scan your Digital Member Code before you pay (if you’re ordering in a restaurant) or log into your account (if you’re ordering through our app or online). 


S.O.S.—I forgot to scan my Rewards Member Code

Don’t panic. Our Points Request form can help you get points for a past order—just make sure you’ve got your receipt handy. 


What if I accidentally checked out as a guest?

Since our Points Request form is only able to support in-restaurant purchases right now, your guest order will have to stay between you and your burrito. Like a delicious little secret. 


Um, hello! Where are my points?! 

It can take 24-48 hours for points to hit your account. If they’re still MIA after that time, customer service should be able to sort things out for you. Just be sure you have your receipt handy.   


Why doesn’t my point total match my purchase total? 

Did you buy a gift card, alcohol, or gear? Those purchases, as well as taxes, fees (like delivery fees) and tips aren’t eligible to earn points. 


How do I get credit for a past purchase?

If you ordered in-restaurant and still have your receipt, fill out a Points Request form to see about getting credit for your purchase. 


Can I earn points for purchases I made before I created my Rewards account?

You can submit a Points Request or in-restaurant purchases made on the same date your Rewards account was created, but that’s the furthest back you can go. We know better than to mess around with time travel. 


Why can’t I request points for this purchase?

Here are a few reasons your purchase may not be eligible for a Points Request:

  • It was made more than 30 days ago
  • You’ve already requested credit 2x for one transaction date, or 2x this week, or 4x this month.
  • You don’t have a valid receipt
  • You ordered digitally or checked out as a guest


I didn’t receive confirmation on my Points Request. How can I tell if I got the points?

We don’t send confirmation emails, but if you pressed ‘submit,’ then we’re on the case! Points will show up in your account within 24-48 hours if we’re able to grant your request. 


How do I participate in Bonuses? Where can I see my Bonus progress? 

You’ll find all active Bonus opportunities listed under the “Bonuses” section of your Rewards account. We don’t currently have a way to show progress on multi-purchase Bonuses, but keep checking back.


I’m having issues scanning a reward or my Digital Member Code. What gives?

Try turning up your brightness, which usually helps. If your screen is cracked (bummer), the cashier may need to enter your code manually. 


Do points expire? 

Yes. If your account is inactive for 6 months, your points will expire—but don’t worry, we’ll send you an email before that happens. 


Do rewards expire? 

Every reward has a unique expiration date, which you can find in its description. 


Why can’t I use more than one reward with my online order?

Ever heard of “too much of a good thing?” Just kidding. That’s just how our system is currently set up, but if you’re rolling in the rewards, you should know we think you’re awesome. 


Why am I receiving an 'Already Registered' message?

Looks like your email has been used to sign up for a Chipotle Rewards account before (maybe you have a burrito-loving twin?). If you’ve forgotten your password, make sure to retrieve that from the digital abyss. 


Can I combine two accounts? Can I transfer my points to a different account?

It’s not possible to transfer points or merge accounts at this time. Besides, your points might get homesick. 


How about catering orders? Do those earn points, too? 

Yep, catering orders earn 10 points per dollar as long as you order through your online account or scan your Digital Member Code before paying in-restaurant (just like other orders). One caveat, though: catering orders paid for through our catering hotline (1-800-CHIPOTLE) aren’t able to earn points. Like all other orders, taxes, fees, and tips will be excluded from your point tally. 


Can I earn points on multiple orders per day?

Yep, you can earn points for up to three transactions per day. Multiple menu items ordered together will count as one transaction. 


If I’m using a reward, can I still earn points?

We call this “the best of both worlds.” When you redeem a reward (like a FREE entrée) you’ll still be eligible to earn points on any remaining balance (say, if you order a second entrée, or add Chips & Guac). As usual, taxes, fees, tips, gift cards, and alcohol purchases aren’t eligible for points. Bonus: If you’re scanning in a restaurant, there’s no need to do it twice. We’ll grab the extra points when you scan your Reward code. 


If I’m using an offer or coupon, can I still earn points?

Yep, you’ll earn points on any remaining balance after your offer is applied—excluding the usual gift cards, alcohol, taxes, and fees.


Can I earn points if I pay with a gift card?

Sure can. It’s basically double-gifting.


Do I earn points if I buy a gift card?

Gift card purchases aren’t eligible to earn points.


Can I earn points on tips or delivery fees?

We love tipping. Unfortunately, tips and fees (in addition to taxes, gift cards, alcohol, and gear purchases) are not eligible to earn points.


Will I earn points if I order from Postmates, DoorDash, or Tapingo?

The bad news: Since third party orders aren’t attributed to your account (they come to us as “Postmates / DoorDash / Tapingo”), they’re not eligible to earn points.

The good news: You can now order delivery directly through the Chipotle app or online ordering, and those orders DO earn points. Treat yo’self.