Spilling the beans on sofritas

Like just about everything in the chipotle universe, the story of sofritas starts with great ingredients.

While on our quest to add a delicious vegetarian option to our menu, we knew we hit the mother lode when we first tasted the artisanal, organic tofu from hodo (ho = good, do = bean in Chinese) soy beanery.

Image = Minh Tsai, founder/CEO/tofu master

As a child in Vietnam, minh often tagged along with his grandfather to buy fresh tofu in their neighborhood.

Upon moving to the bay area, minh couldn’t find tofu as flavorful as the stuff he grew up on. So he decided to bring the tofu of his childhood to this side of the pacific. 

Hodo soy beanery was born.

Hodo partners with farmers in Illinois and Indiana (like dave Campbell of maple park, il) to source the best soybeans (non GMO! Organic!)!

After the beans are harvested, they’re delivered to hodo for their tofu transformation: 

1)	Soak soybeans overnight to rehydrate
2)	Grind soybeans into slushy slurry.
3)	Add water to slurry + cook. 
4)	Separate soybean pulp to create an extra thick* and creamy soymilk. *twice as thick as traditional soymilk
5)	Add mineral to soymilk to form curds.
6)	Press tofu to achieve desired texture.

Tofu comes in 4 types:

-	Silken
-	Soft
-	Firm —> tofact: chipotle likes to cook with firm tofu (it can hold its own in a burrito)
-	Extra-firm
Steve and chipotle’s chefs partnered closely with minh to infuse hodo’s tasty tofu with chipotle’s complex flavors (Steve Ells – Founder + CEO/Minh Tsai – Tofu Master).

They set out to let the natural deliciousness of the tofu shine through, while also featuring the aromatics of traditional sorfrito and the savory smokiness that comes from chipotle’s adobo. Like so:

-	Slabs are cubed
-	Cubes are fried
-	And then shredded
-	Ingredients = onion, garlic, green bell pepper, tomato, chipotle pepper, cumin, dried oregano

Wait, did you say sofrito?

Yes, simply put, sofrito is a fragrant blend of herbs and spices used frequently in Spanish, portugese + latin American cooking.

So, after that’s done simmering, tofu + sofrito become sofritas.

Delectable for both real and accidental vegetarians.